For Once, I Like The Way Geisha Thinks.

For Once, I Like The Way Geisha Thinks.

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  1. hariman

    Ten bucks says he’s sharing a cup of tea with Jigsaw right now.

  2. Lycanthrope

    I am going to go wash my brain with bleach now.

  3. Elora

    *gulp* I don’t know what’s more disturbing: the fact that what Geisha’s thinking is a tad more positive or Geisha actually thinking of something good!

    Um, Lycanthrope, could you please pass the brain bleach?

  4. Novawolf

    Love it! Poor Addy. I really like the look in Geisha’s eyes. Cute snake heads are in their various states of repose. They’re just so darn adorable! Wonder if they ever argue with him like Melody’s do? Good job on the slight hint of exposure on Jigsaw.

  5. Josh.C

    I suppose for what it’s worth, Geisha’s scenario is the better of the two in the long run.

    All those heads are having happy thoughts.

  6. Psycho-Cat-Boy

    I’m having slightly mixed emotions on this picture. . .

  7. LeQuack147

    Bleach nothing, that image isn’t coming out with anything less than a hammer and chisel. Hopefully niether guess is accurate…

  8. String Petoun Ping

    No guess are accurate but I still find Geisha guess better. He is a pervert but I cannot blame him to not see Jigsaw being tortured and mutilated. I even bet he put a part of his twisted fantasies into it and that this little show go on for a while.

  9. The_Rippy_One

    I can’t bring myself to think positively on Geisha’s musings – they imply a very heavy disconnect to reality. It’s like he thinks that putting her into a trapped/bound position turns her into a sex kitten, who may say that she’s trying to make the best of the situation, but really just wants to have an excuse to have intercourse. I don’t know if that’s how Geisha thinks about Jigsaw specifically, all touched in general, or what, but it’s the kind of perspective bias that makes “no,” into “yes. oh gods, yes. please. more.”

    Screw bleaching my brain, I want to bleach Geisha’s. Preferably with a shotgun and a couple of hand grenades. I mean, that one snake on top has his “o face” on, for Buddah’s sake.

  10. MaveriKat

    I have to say, I REALLY prefer Geisha’s scenario for what could be happening. I do hope we see Jigsaw again.

  11. e_voyager

    Good? i wouldn’t call that good but he’s definitely thinking in a hotblooded male fashion. i remember seeing this imagery being worked on. it didn’t have any text bay then though. the thing that creeps me out is knowing what Geisha did to his victims and seeing him think about jigsaw like that. even so it begs the question how long has it been since they’ve fled that ship?

  12. xXZeddXx

    Okay I think I am more scared of Geshia now…

  13. Josh.C

    @e_voyager: I wouldn’t call it necessarily call it the good scenario either.

    But at least Geisha’s scenario leave Jigsaw with less physical harm it would seem. Though with his track record, that might not necessarily be right. In this case, I think it’s more the lessor of two evil endings for Jigsaw. After all, its much easier to get revenge with all your limbs and not swimming in your own blood on the floor.

    Though with how those kids were acting, one could also see them being tied up on a playground on the ship, playing “Duck, Duck, Goose” or being tied to an assortment of playground equipment.

  14. Sulucamas

    Guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Addy’s mind jumps to something so brutal. Mutilation like that could be more common where she comes from. I mean sure, here in the Connection you’ve got Veled ripping out spines and the Org burning off ears, but those at least seem more calculated… I feel bad for whoever really pisses off the Warrior Princess! 😮

    I’m with e_voyager: just how long has it been? One day?

  15. Brunhidden

    A hearty thank-you to Kurt for keeping it tame… which is a relative term in this case

  16. Brunhidden

    also, to all above who bother to read after posting. a Talmi considers their ears to be a secondary sexual organ, brushing a Talmi ear lightly with a finger could be considered foreplay

  17. nightarix

    i think thats more rolling eyes then “o face” but meh thats just my thought

  18. hartree

    That fantasy might not turn out the way Kurt would imagine it.

    Play the submissive sex kitten till you get close and let down your guard. Then suddenly, you’re holding a Jigsaw in full vamp mode. (i.e. Thinking you’re in for a cuddling and finding out your partner is a full throttle chain saw with fangs.)

  19. nikolai60

    The title is debateable, but of course she can still kill Gabriel when he gets close…and kill Geisha when she gets back..

    @Brunhidden ok, how do you even know that?

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    @nikolai60: Brun has a bad habit of repeating things that I’d rather he didn’t sometimes… :-p

  21. Sulucamas

    @hartree: Hear hear! 😀

    @nikolai60: Well… there is this:,3534.msg151884.html#msg151884 . Makes me wonder if it’s still canon, and if Brun has a point! XD

  22. nikolai60

    @Jigsaw Forte wait, so that means…*looks over at OC storage*….


    (couldn’t resist bringing it up, too funny to leave in my head)

  23. e_voyager

    i guess it’s a good thing i keep such things locked away in the back of my mind until the time calls for them to be reviled. i still remember many of the things jigsaw’s told me that haven’t come up in the comic yet.

  24. hariman

    I’m still betting on that cup of tea theory.

    Or maybe Gabriel’s trying to brainwash Jigsaw and reprogram Siege. Jig’s probably in better hands dealing with Gabriel than half of the Last Resort cast.

  25. Sulucamas

    @hariman: Now, is that tea for the sake of being “civil and cordial,” or would it be more like teatime with the Mad Hatter?

    Not to read this all the wrong way, but someone like Ms. Kuvoe who likes “kittypeople” so very much probably already knows the significance of Talmi ears. Certainly makes the torture she imagined more dramatic. 😐

  26. e_voyager

    @Sulucamas that is entirely possible. you know i can’t help but wonder if her fear for jigsaw is not motivated by something more then just concern for a teammate in danger

  27. Shad

    Just recently found this little comic. it’s an interesting read, I like the fantasy stuff and all the fighting and action and combat. Good stuff.

    I must say that even tho Geisha’s supposed to be a complete monster rapist, he’s the one imagining Jigsaw…um…offering herself up to her tormentor…to SAVE her friends, while princess Addy is imagining Jigsaw begging for her own life…. After the last few comics where Geisha seems to be repentant almost, I can’t help think of a song by mongomery gentry:
    Here’s to the strong
    Thanks to the brave
    Don’t give up hope
    Some people change
    Against all odds
    Against the grain
    Love finds a way
    Some people change

  28. Cpixie

    Seems to me like everybody in the ‘verse have a thing for Talmi’s. I mean don’t get me wrong they’re freakin’ adorable as heck, but I just thought I’d point it out ^.^

  29. Shadowsamurai

    Why do Geishas mental images remaind me of something I have seen, that was made from the characters of Slightly Damned

  30. Feral

    At least you didn’t make it into a wallpaper this time 😀

  31. FlashXX

    …o0;….> >;….

  32. RyGuy

    Ill bet Irwin is fond of Giesha’s kind, given his affinity for snakes. Someone needs to staple Giesha’s cloaca shut.

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