She Overclocked Her Taser.

She Overclocked Her Taser.

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20 Comments So Far...

  1. Lycanthrope

    Someone sweep the vampire up off the floor please.

  2. Josh.C

    Wow…she’s packing heat.

    Are all Cybee’s armed like her?

  3. hariman

    And we all know that Qin has done far more than enough to deserve that shock to the face. 🙂

  4. Josh.C

    @hariman: Eh, their are probably those that deserve it more. Some are probably even are among the volunteers.^_^

  5. Sabreur

    If your overclocking doesn’t have at least a one in three chance of killing someone, you haven’t overclocked it enough.

  6. Novawolf

    Go, Gangrel!! I love her nonchalant look. Cleanup in Aisle 5! Shampoo, Cosmetics, Deep Vampires!

  7. LeQuack147

    Haha, now that would have come in handy earlier.

  8. Rain

    All I have to say is this. Epic.

  9. MaveriKat

    Dang! For such a cute little thing, she sure is packed for battle!

  10. nikolai60

    Ok, she just topped my list of epicly awesome characters in this comic (well, next to ‘Saw), the last two panels outdo just about anything (just about).

    Also, where can I get one?

  11. Noir The Sable

    A self-defence mechanism AND a way to jump-start your car when the battery dies!

  12. Sulucamas

    w00t Gangrel!

    Who knew she could do that?! It’s because she’s wearing her thumbs, isn’t it? 😛

    Wait…would Gangrel pick Siege as a lieutenant? Good idea or great idea? 😕

  13. Keiya

    Note to self: do not piss off cyber-fairy-thing.

  14. Vulpis

    Gangrel definitely looks cute in the uniform there. And it’s interesting how she develops something of a bust in her ‘exposition panel’.

    And something I was thinking to ask about the previous pages while catching up on strips–was Geisha always a dragon/scaly type? I seem to recall him as being more of a human-type with head-snakes and odd eyes, but the last couple of strips it looks like he’s an offshoot of the same species as Cypress and family?

  15. e_voyager

    well Qin did deserve it

  16. The_Rippy_One

    Are Qin’s nanites okay? It would suck to have risked getting his head blown off only to have them all go inert due to emp.

    I imagine she only has a limited number of shots of Lit 2 before her batteries run low and/or taser wiring fries – overclocking is always at least a little hard on the hardware.

  17. Brunhidden

    i know cybees are supposed to be like a floating laptop plushie for kids- but now i want to get three dozen or so to start my own floating chibi army

  18. nightarix

    @josh.c given that cybees appear to be a cellphone/pda as well i would guess that it might come standard and odds are she needed help overclocking it but its possibly a modified feature/component that was added by one of jigsaws relatives

  19. Cpixie

    Two for flinching! ZNORCH!! ^.^

  20. Sandman366

    That last line has gotta be one of the funniest things to say after electrocuting someone. Especially from such a tiny character.

    Pity Gangrel is limited to being an “auxiliary” player – she looks like she packs a bigger punch than most of the regular ones.

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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