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Why You Never, Ever, EVER Taunt the Police. Even the Fake Kind.

Why You Never, Ever, EVER Taunt the Police. Even the Fake Kind.

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16 Comments So Far...

  1. Nasrudith

    Why do I get the feeling that a triple homicide is pending?

  2. megaman64

    Probably because they are asking for it

  3. Anixen

    Oh seems my character makes an appearance :p Not saying shich till seen what happens but hey nice to see the comic is back after the break. Keep up the work can’t wait to see what happens next.

  4. nikolai60

    First of all: Viridian Groom, I like it, has a nice ring to it. The Star Org sure knows how to make mistakes though, huh? I agree, I sense a triple homicide as well.

    Second: YAY MORE CAMEOS!!!!!!!!

    Third: I’ll tell you something, having the hard copy of this to go back over what’s happened is SO much easier than archive diving. Worth it, especially when trying to remember events from AGES ago. Not to mention the revelation that [REDACTED].

  5. Sulucamas

    Speaking of AGES ago, I would never have guessed that the mask had flowers on it when we first saw it. And roses? :3c Now it’s even more of an homage to its inspiration. Very nice!

    I know Cypher’s a hothead, but I really hope he isn’t stupid… :x

    …but then again, with Nivashi there (w00t CAMEOS!), it doesn’t look good. :(

  6. StupidN00bie

    Ah StarOrg minions. Their average life expectancy can be measured in minutes, or sometimes even seconds…

    Hardcore stupidity, it solves itself.

  7. Mason

    Alright, looks like there’s gonna be some violence next week.

    Yay violence.

  8. Salomus

    Well, so much for Terth having a certain “special affinity” with Arael (or so the RPG says)…

    and looking back to the first time the suit is shown, I’ve noticed that it is also the first time we see Meridian’s spinal cord wiring to her pants. Funny how we often miss or forget the details.

  9. Jigsaw Forte

    @Anixen – You’re welcome to ask for a custom icon of your cameo if you want to use it for a Gravatar or something. ;)

  10. nikolai60

    @Salomus Technically, I believe that by ‘Terth’ the original inhabitants are the ones being referred to: aka humans, which none of these three are. There’ll probably be some fighting done by Cypher, possibly with assistance unless they were smart enough to get him out of range of other-oh right…Star Org…

    @Anixen go for the new icon, it’s coooool!!!!

  11. String Petoun Ping

    It is nice to see some more cameos. The chapter was advancing and I was wondering where they were be used. I suppose that mine will die soon but I keep hope that she somehow manage to survive. She is god at it even if it mean to don’t play by the rules. Also, I can understand that they don’t believe him being the viridian groom. They managed to capture him, probably easily. Anyway, terrorism is not given lightly. He probably do awful things from the rulers point of view and he is probably good enough to turn the odds in his favour, he got in situation like that afterall.

  12. Anixen

    Heh thanks Jigsaw, will take you up on that ^^. I dunno about a triple homicide but I can see one or two of them are about to die pretty soon.

  13. catldr

    Odds of not dying horrifically in the next couple of pages: low.

  14. String Petoun Ping

    @Anixen : Well nothing stop our dear artist to kill them all in the next page: They will all have their second appearance in the next page and they all said at least a line. Also, sadly they were expendable from the start. This is sad but in this word, space org employee are like red shirts. They are made to be killed. :(

  15. FlashXX

    … T_T Let me guess. 1) There just insulting their captive, 2) The species keeps their genders hidden (similar to lizards & most reptiles) or (regrettably) > >; …3) Their retards in “gender-identification”.

    I’m I close?

  16. FlashXX

    Or did i shoot and MISS the moon?

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