Fireworks Are Best Set Off By Someone Else.

Fireworks Are Best Set Off By Someone Else.

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  1. nikolai60

    first: i bet that armor does some really cool stuff

    second: oh goody, they get to go out and play, won’t this be fun folks?

    third: spades actually can be useful sometimes apparently

  2. hariman

    Jigsaw’s getting the hang of telepathy and the manipulation that is needed to make good use of it. After all, the classics are classics for a reason.

    I wonder if the Kinetic Halo armor is similar to the shield’s in Dune.

    I doubt it’s exactly the same. Odds are the Kinetic Halo armor stops almost everything and either has weak points or needs to be overwhelmed or bypassed.

  3. Parou

    Hmmmm… what role will our ‘non-executioner’ players have in this scenario? What do they stand to gain from ‘playing along’?

    Either way we see again why Silk seems to be a far more suitable leader than Jason, even if he seems a bit overbearing and a bit warped in the humour department. (“… although I’m toying with lynchings if they’re unanimous”…. funny but twisted…. or maybe he isn’t joking…. who knows?)

  4. e_voyager

    i’m seen an unrecognized face and i’m wondering who they are but other then that wow. jigsaw is a quick study. i wonder if her heart is still beating like it was at the start of the story.

  5. Vulpis

    Given there’s one character here and 3 in the previous strip in that white suit with the red gear and Last Resort Logon on the chest, I’m presuming they’re all additional staff that are coming along with the Executioners and their henchies to be help (aka Cannon Fodder)?

  6. Vulpis

    *checks cast* Huh–actually, they’re in the cast list..that suit must be the uniform for the ‘player’s mob’.

  7. Sulucamas

    Maybe this is what Veled was talking about with White. The target couldn’t be Irwin, could it?

    I’m really excited to see where they end up going, and how the camera crew will tag along.

    @hariman: I hope it’s not exactly the same! It’d be a shame to lose the whole cast if someone’s armor went nuclear. 😉

  8. nikolai60

    cannon fodder? as bad as that is for them, it makes sense all things considered. it would seem that ‘those in charge’ feel everyone involved is expendable, so why not stack up some cannon fodder to aid in the matter?

    also, i don’t know if what White has on is Kinetic Halo armor or not, but whatever he’s wearing is still pretty cool

  9. EvilSupahFly

    Ha ha ha! I wish I could read minds like Jigsaw can sometimes!

  10. Shrikefox

    @ nikolai60: Reading between the lines of Jason’s profile and from his profile, he isn’t so much useless as a hotshot jet jockey with an ego on par with his skills.

    As for the armor the first thing I thought of was something along the lines of the kinetic dampeners from the fighters and tanks of Travis S. Taylor’s “One Day On Mars” and “The Tau Ceti Agenda” books that believably allow for the beyond extreme G maneuvers so popular in sci-fi anime. That or the kinetic “absorption” (for lack of a better description) gear found in the powered armor from John Ringo’s Posleen War book series (A Hymn to Battle, Gustfront, When the Devil Dances, and Hell’s Faire).

  11. Sulucamas

    @Shrikefox: How do those kinetic dampeners work?

    This mission sounds like it’s going to be very sticky. I imagine the Player’s Mob will be more than just fodder, but equipping them will make backstabbing even more likely. Do the contestants stand to gain anything on top of survival if they actually succeed in capturing the target?

  12. Kingman

    The best way to jog someone’s memory is to hit them with a mallet….unless they go unconsious, but that works to.

  13. Feral

    I bet Jason is a Reaper Djinn

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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