Looks Like Volume Two Might Be Cut Short.

Looks Like Volume Two Might Be Cut Short.

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  1. Ken_Cypher

    C3P0: “Stormtroopers? Here? I must warn the others. Oh no! I’ve been shot!”

  2. Callidus

    Well, on the plus side, she is already dead.

  3. nikolai60

    I’m gonna guess at vampire survivability

  4. MadMann135

    This can only end badly.

  5. Xavier Price

    That… has to be painful. I don’t care if it doesn’t kill you… well, if you’re a vampire, you’re kind of already dead, but yeah, ANYWAY!

  6. hartree

    Interesting. Right in the heart. Too good a shot to be chance. I wonder if someone is wanting to very publicly show that Jigsaw doesn’t die when she should.

  7. Slaanesh

    It’s a dart!

  8. Sulucamas

    BOOM, HEARTSHOT! I hope that isn’t a wooden bullet… (jk 😉 ) Does Jig even use/need her heart anymore? (Gangrel DID mention that she showed “weak vitals” and “no infrared signature.”)

    @hartree: The placement of the shot is definitely deliberate, but who in the Star Org would know that Jigsaw’s a vampire? They must be very zealous if they’re willing to trigger the destruction of the galaxy.

    Why wasn’t Jigsaw’s bullet/dart deflected like “Arael’s” was?! The savior I had in mind would supposedly care more about Jig.

    And LOL at Binary’s eyes. 🙂 Slick-sized to tiny in one frame! Nice use of expressions.

  9. Vulpis

    Hrm. I can’t tell if that actually penetrated, or or if it was caught by body armor (is Jigsaw wearing her ‘uniform’ under the frog suit? That’s supposed to be ballistic cloth, IIRC) and she’s grimacing at one h*ll of a boobie-bruise…

    The fact that she was shot at in itself is…interesting. Wonder if the sniper was aiming for her in particular, aiming at her as part of the crowd to be taken down, or was actually aiming at ‘batty’ and she as in the way? Given Veled’s interest…that sniper better be worrying about his soul, literally…

  10. JasonAW3

    Well thank goodness for bullet proof costumes! (I mean, even if she does “die” that’s a darned good excuse, ain’t it?)


  11. Tom Redlion

    Not good! Not good!
    Anyway you go about it, vampire, undead, mortal, other, this is not good.
    Besides the fact that it must really hurt.

  12. Critter Rhode

    ♫♪ shot through the heart, and you’re to blame
    You give love a bad name
    I play my part and you play your game
    You give love a bad name ♪♫

  13. Elora

    No! Jigsaw!

  14. Draconess

    If you notice theat her shirt is open at the bottom, you can see that she is not wearing her armor. This is going to get very interesting very fast.

  15. Jalterixnar

    Humm….Button button…who’s shot the button?

  16. Amoxil

    Noooo…!! D-:

  17. e_voyager

    will she live? i’m not even sure she’s still alive to began with being dead inside. i wonder if she’s like blade the vampire hunter.

  18. Abeo

    The whole point of the costume was to be there without anyone knowing it was her. I have no doubt she’ll survive the shot, now if they can just manage to get her away to somewhere discreet her cover will remain intact.

    Might even be a good springboard for her vampire lessons.

  19. Reyos

    @ hartree – That is if anyone notices that it’s ‘saw. If there was a crazy person preaching to the crowd and then someone opened fire, do you think you’d notice who the girl in the costume that got shot was?

  20. hartree

    @Reyos and @Abeo The two with her will be wanting to get her out of there quickly and discreetly, but that may not be possible. The stampede of people trying to get out, and the attention on the “scout” may help, though.

  21. YingA&YangY

    …D: Crye kee!Right on the button!XD

  22. Feral

    Shit happens…

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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