Even Armageddon Beats A Zero Percent Approval Rating

Even Armageddon Beats A Zero Percent Approval Rating

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  1. e_voyager

    wow are they vampires too? somehow i get the feeling that Jigsaw isn’t quite fully dead. it’s like she’s gone into a dying coma while awake and slowly becoming more vampire then, [s]tamila[s] forget it i couldn’t spell it anyway, then alive yet but i could be wrong.

  2. Darkdrake

    someone will have to remind me who the red-heaired person in the last panel. Should I reconize her? was she the one in the last panel of the last comic? Is she the one singing? And, what exactly is with the singing/thoughts/whatever, because they were responded to in the last comic

    sorry, Im very confused.

  3. Ken_Cypher

    Eather she is a random stray off the street, or Daisy has a holographic cloaking field desguise generator thingie. …or she can shapeshift. You know, one of the three.

  4. Maverick

    I’m confussed. did this happen before Jigsaw entered Last Resort, or is this after her little talk with Veled?

    Either way, great comic 😀

  5. Ken_Cypher

    Maverick: After Veled. This is NOT a flashback. The desision to keep her “Alive” (if mildly Dead Inside) and healthy as opposed to “Not moving anymore” Dead happened during the meeting with Veled. This is the fallout from that meeting.

    Also, my money is on Arikos being who the Coda is talking about. Which sounds more out of place: a non-human vampire, or a Dead Inside Celeste?

  6. nikolai60

    things just get more and more interesting, i wonder how this will go….

    I also wonder who our new ‘friend’ is, and what part she’ll play

    and finally, mini-me nom nom for the win

  7. Elora

    Hmm…I’d say a Dead Inside Celeste is what sounds more out of place (in response to what Ken_Cypher said). And I have a feeling that the red-haired Talmi COULD be one of ‘Saw’s parents.

  8. Sulucamas

    Is that Talmi using her Autie Lenses (smartphone-style) to listen to that song?!

    I really wonder about “A Dead Inside Where None Should Be.” Why is it so strange for there to be a non-human vampire? One of the other pages called the vampires “life djinn,” and we’ve already seen a non-human djinn (Adharia’s Efreet). So why couldn’t there be a non-human life djinn?

    @Ken_Cypher: What tells you that Arikos is Dead Inside? Did I miss something, or is it just a theory?

  9. Ken_Cypher

    Sulucamas: Wild Mass Guessing, really. Mostly I just want to see him as the major badguy of this piece. He lost most of his Celeste powers when he got that scar, and he seems to be the kind of guy who lusts for power. Even if he doesn’t plan on crossing that line now, I expect him to make that choice before the season ends.

  10. Sulucamas

    Ken_Cypher: Oh yeah, I remember that from his cast page. Freaky stuff, and definitely villain material. If he were to become Dead Inside, what do you think would happen to his Oversoul? Maybe Jigsaw could take it…

  11. Online Comics

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  12. Ian

    You know, this makes me think Veled’s one of those Celestes that doesn’t hate all dead inside, and desire to exterminate every last one, or, at least, she likes Jigsaw’s personality, or maybe, she finds Jigsaw as one of the dead inside that isn’t that bad.

  13. Emma

    I love Melody’s tiny second head

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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