[Guest Comic] The Epic Battle!

[Guest Comic] The Epic Battle!

Footnote: OMG, an actual guest strip! It’s a miracle!

It’s also done by Amanda.

What’s with all these guest strips? Well, while putting together Volume One, I realized I needed a little extra time… so these guest strips are picking up the slack!

If you’re not amused, just click on to the start of Volume Two here.

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24 Comments So Far...

  1. Celina Hernandez

    Awesome vampire 🙂 story!

  2. e_voyager

    uhm whats with the guy with the kuni sparkles?

  3. Parou

    WaaHahahaha ….
    Thank-you Guest Artist Extraordinaire Amanda for highlighting the complete wussiness of the present vampire fad! Extra bonus points for content, humor and art!

  4. Baigs

    Twilight sucks.. Jig needs to kill him

  5. Elora

    This is just too funny. Jigsaw totally wins this, hands down.

  6. Lycanthrope

    And Jogs takes the WIN. Edward must now be banished from the Internet FOREVER. …Darn I wish….

  7. EvilSupahFly

    Wow! That’s pretty cool! And, If I even had a modicum of the skill and time required to do a guest strip, I would, but alas, ’tis not for such as I that I should reach so far above my station. 🙁

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    @ESF: Just as well. At some point I have to get back to work, after all. :-p

  9. Tom Redlion

    Real Vampires don’t sparkle.

  10. fluffy

    Aww, adorable.

  11. MadMann135

    For a second there I thought the other guy pissed himself… now I WISH the other guy pissed himself.

  12. Elora

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention that is it just me or in the panel where ‘Saw says “Your turn” she seems to be adorable?

    That and she needs to kick Edward’s ass.

  13. EvilSupahFly

    @Jigsaw Yeah, so do I, but I don’t draw for a living. *lol*

  14. Amoxil

    Yaay! Cute! Scary! Funny! I love it!

  15. Xavier Price

    Win, pure and simple. Twilight needs to be murdered in all forms.

  16. AaronLee

    Hahah, way to show that pansy sparkly bas-… you know, that guy… from that one really popular movie… was it harry potter? :D~

  17. freezycastform

    *snickers* Edward’s face in that last panel makes it look like he just wet himself.

  18. FlashXX

    ^^Two thumbs up!! (Hate sparkling-pansies, and Why can’t the were-wolfves be like the one’s in Hellsing?)

  19. Threeheads

    If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times. This is how vampires should be- well, this and Vampire: The Masquerade. They- do- not- SPARKLE!

  20. Don B.

    Finally! I was beginning to think that I was the only one to think that the current crop of lovesick, sparkly and most of all WUSSY vampires needs to just walk out into the sunlight and stop exsisting aready. OK sure, they can be handsome and charismatic but that’s how they suck you in. They are evil undead creatures who are definitely not pretty when they show their true nature. I’ll give Jigsaw a pass on the evil thing for now due to artistic liscence and the rules of the universe she lives in. She is defnitely not a wuss, sparkly or otherwise lame so it’s all good so far. Besides, I like how she had the free will to boot “Irwins” ass out a thirty story window first chance she got.

  21. Don B.

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that we don’t know yet how much control of her alternate form she has so the evil option might still be there. Who knows?

  22. shadeus maximus

    roflmao kill him!

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