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[Guest Comic-ish] Slick’s Point

[Guest Comic-ish] Slick’s Point

Footnote: The blast from the past continues…

What’s with all these guest strips? Well, while putting together Volume One, I realized I needed a little extra time… so these guest strips are picking up the slack!

If you’re not amused, just click on to the start of Volume Two here.

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8 Comments So Far...

  1. Maverick

    Are they naked? O.o

    So whats with the recent guest comics?

  2. Abeo

    I kinda like the pointy ears. But then that is probably just because of my distrust of round-eared animals. They’re up to no good I tells ya! …Except for rats, them you can trust.

  3. Jigsaw Forte

    @Maverick: Because I figured assembling the bonus pages for the book as well as the book itself would take lots of time (and did!), I sent out an open call for guest strips to cover me through this month and allow me to get back on track gracefully.

    As far as what they’re wearing, they’re all in swimsuits, playing with water guns.

  4. fluffy

    So how many actual guest comics did you get, anyway? Just mine, or any others?

  5. Jigsaw Forte

    @Fluffy: There’s one other person who sent in a strip, but only after I’d already set up this bonus strip to run. So… it should take us through to February.

    There were also two folks who promised up and down they’d send in strips months ago… >_>

  6. fluffy

    Well then, I am publicly calling those two folks out for supreme bogosity.

  7. e_voyager

    would that i could draw better Jigsaw but that’s not my Forte. he’s black with purple highlights(old joke) still slick does have a point and i’m sure a lot of people would be quite willing to watch Jig’s six

  8. Sabreur

    Just found this site today and read through the whole archive. Good stuff, definitely going in my bookmarks. The story is intriguing, and you’ve done a good job of revealing plot and backstory gradually rather than in one big lump-o-exposition. My only complaint is that some events are left a bit too vague, to the point where I had some trouble following the plot – I’m going to have to go back and re-read a bit to clear up some confusion.

    Side note, your TWC link doesn’t appear to be working. It takes me to TWC, but doesn’t give me the option to vote.

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