And Scene!

And Scene!

Footnote: Yup, as though the exposition wasn’t a dead giveaway, we’ve got the first book all wrapped up nice and tidy, and guest comics are on the way! Don’t worry, the crew’ll be back soon, but it’s time to have some fun… come back to see some good stuff in the next few weeks!

Buy Volume One Today! But wait… what about White Noise going into Veled’s suite right after Jigsaw?

We know why she wanted to talk to Jigsaw… but what’s so interesting about White Noise that she would want to talk to him as well? Is it just because he’s the new Captain of the Executioners, or is there something more sinister going on?

Lucky for you, the story continues in a print-exclusive scene in Last Res0rt: First Against The Wall, the first print collection of Last Res0rt!

With 172 pages of full-color excitement, First Against The Wall covers the first three years of the comic’s archives, bound together in a manga-sized format that is not only easier to read and contains higher-resolution versions of the images on the site, but also contains bonus artwork and scenes you won’t find on the website!

It’s also available at a great price too, both inside and outside the United States! If that’s not enough for you, the Artist’s Edition contains four limited-edition autographed photo prints, making a great addition to an already awesome deal!

Buy your copy today!

Footnote to the Footnote: Click here to skip the guest comics and go straight to the start of Volume Two!

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20 Comments So Far...

  1. Elora

    Jigsaw sure don’t look happy about having to go back to the show, but she’ll do it for Daisy. I wonder what kind of connection she has with Daisy, though.

  2. Drew_Original

    How would Jig know if she is the only non-human vampire?

  3. SG

    just a heads up, you typo’d “tomorrow”

    Otherwise awesome page

  4. e_voyager

    she said “apparently the only known” meaning that no others are know not that she was definitely the only one. i love they way she admits even if it’s just to herself that she’s in over her head but i’m still not sure why it’s her last resort. is it the only way she can save her friend?

  5. Maverick

    You’re bringing out a book O.O ? AWESOME !!

    Where will it be sold? E.g. Indy Planet?

    Cool comic 😀

  6. Parou

    End of chapter??? Argghhhh…. No it cannot be! 😉

    Dang, now I’ll have to wait to see what Silk’s meeting with Veled entails…. it does not bode well for Silk and the others if Veled is guaranteeing their ‘failure’ in the game to allow Daisy and Jigsaw (who is here on known as Punchline to Veled) to win the game and their freedom….

  7. Jigsaw Forte

    @SG: Got the typo, thanks!

    @Maverick: Yes, there will be a book. I’m still assembling the final details, but you’ll know it when you see it.

  8. CritterRhode

    Didn’t take long to get the title of the comic in the the comic.
    Just kidding.

    And the book? Delay long enough for me to get some money, that may have to be next year. 🙂

    After reading this one, I get flashbacks of all those movies that had these narratives. Keep the good work up.

  9. Drew_Original

    @e_voyager oh sorry it’s just well I don’t remeber any one saying so 🙁

  10. Fesworks

    cut my life into peices

  11. Tom Redlion

    @Fesworks: Song reference! Even if I can’t remember the song title.
    A book? Works for me.

  12. hariman

    It’s from a song by Papa Roach. It’s, ah, “Last Resort” to be specific.

    Parou: Guaranteeing survival is not the same as guaranteeing success.

  13. Parou

    @hariman: It wasn’t just survival, actual freedom was offered….. and I guess only the winners would get that….. no guarantee the losers would get survival, let alone freedom….. but then again it’s only a guess…… maybe survival gets you freedom at the end….

    anyways…. next chapter will tell us more I guess……

  14. Amoxil

    Awesome. Jigsaw is one smokin’ hot ass-kicker. I hope she finds Daisy before it’s too late! (Her parents will be piiissed!)

  15. Darkdrake

    Daisy is Jigsaw’s partner in the show. Check the cast bios.

  16. e_voyager

    @ Drew_Original it’s okay lots of people just glance over the text. easy to do when the art is this good.
    @ Amoxil when you get a chance to read throng the archives i’m sure you’ll bee hooked on the story though i’m still not sure the connection between jigsaw and daisy

  17. Drew_Original

    @e_voyager: good point, I will just need to focus more on the story line then the art. 😉

  18. halter

    How’d your publisher like the 3/15/09 comic?

  19. Jigsaw Forte

    @halter: In the book, that scene becomes a two-pager, where she tumbles into a blank page with some filler art.

  20. Novawolf

    “Not about how it starts feeling normal…” is the best line ever. I wrote it on a notecard and stuck it on my mirror for a pick-me-up.

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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