Edward, Eat Your Heart Out

Edward, Eat Your Heart Out

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  1. Draconess

    This is getting weird.

  2. Gryphlet

    Wait. Steve Irwin? Hruh?

  3. MadMann135

    Gryphlet> That would explain a lot of things about him except he died so easily.

  4. Parou

    OohhhKaaay now…… Weirdsville is where we have officially arrived…… (I’m going to stop talkin’ right here)

  5. Baigs

    So she was hired by him to do a job on his wife and instead became his reaper, but it looks like not by her choice perhaps?

  6. Maverick

    @ Gryphlet – I’d thought Steve irwin as well 😛

    Well, this certainly answer the whole “who turned you” question, but raises soo many more.

    Nice Work 😀

  7. Saegin

    …I’m confused. Is this her memories, as Veled is seeing in Jigsaw’s mind, or did she just wake up from being in Veled’s room?

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    @Saegin and others: It’s her memory of the incident, yes. She’s sorta “reliving” it while Veled observes.

    @MadMann135: What’re you talking about? He didn’t die easily — he got staked by a stingray, remember? :-p

  9. EvilSupahFly

    Well he looks pretty damned good for having been staked by a stingray then!


  10. Tom Redlion

    This isn’t just Weirdsville. This is Grand Central Terminal, Weirdsville City, Weirdland State. And for Jigsaw, things have just gone sideways and pear shaped. Maybe even pretzel shaped.

  11. String Petoun Ping

    So mister Irwin transform Jigsaw for a reason. She is his pawn. At least, this is what he wanted when he transformed her. There are still a lot of hole in this story and Steve could be really dead now and not just dead inside.

  12. Tyler

    Your comic strips give me something to ponder about. 🙂

  13. Tom Redlion

    Of course, the non sequitor-ness just adds to the weirdness.

  14. Nifar

    To add to the theory that this is Steve Irwin, he even has a scar on his chest from where he was staked.

  15. Felina

    Crickey! She is a feisty little shelia when she wakes up, isn’t she?

  16. Xavier Price

    To add to the Steve Irwin thing, IT’S IN THE BLOODY TAGS!

    Then again, she might have just made that a joke, but seriously? Irwin? I mean… really? 0o?

  17. LBD

    I’m not seeing the erwin

  18. noxkitsune

    You know, Steve Irwin DID die by being staked through the heart… him being a vampire would explain a lot.

  19. Drew_Original

    whats the bet she kills him

  20. FlashXX

    o0;…- -; Okay, can someone please tell we this is the scene of a ‘tricked’ innocent. And not the scene of a ‘player’ being served!

  21. Feral

    Knew it. Never believe humans 😛

  22. RyGuy

    Gaston had been born in a fishing village near Normandy around 1600, and like his fathers, had an innate love for the sea, a love he never lost even after he was turned by the mysterious old vampire known only as “old Romulus”. Gaston usually maintained jobs and careers associated with the sea, from piracy, too honest cargo, to pleasure cruise. He was on the Titanic when she sank, and was lost at sea for a year before waking on an Icelandic shore. He returned to France to fight for her freedom from the Germans, and stayed for several years until he met J. Cousteau in 1960, and fell in love with the Sea all over again, from a new perspective. Cousteau instilled in him a newfound concern and purpose that made him feel alives on the inside, and became an activist, even slaughtering whaling crews. Eventually he faked his death, and returned, pretending to be his own grandson, and joined the Young Cousteau’s crew for several years. In 2006, he was present when Steve Irwin was impaled be a sting ray. After spending a month with Mr. Irwin, he had come to regard him as a good friend, and was so upset by his sudden, “clinical death”, that, on an uncharacteristic impulse, he found a moment alone with the body and infected it before it grew cold. He then called in some favors from fellow vampires to have the body switched with a magically altered lookalike for the funeral in Sidney. It was hard to keep Steve away from his family, for the sake of “the community”, being unable to tell Bindy how proud of her he was hardend his once jolly heart. Over next 1,000 years, he immersed himself more and more in the undead’s affairs…

  23. astropithicus

    huh, is it just me or does this artwork look a bit like Phil Foglio’s? XD
    Love his work BTW

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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