Just In Time…

Just In Time…

Footnote: No, I didn’t realize the timing of this page until it was time to put it up on the site. That the pages where Jigsaw finally gets to transform where we all get to see it just happen to fall on Halloween is a big ol’ coincidence.

… And one I hope you enjoy.

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21 Comments So Far...

  1. Draconess

    What is with all the weird makings o Jigsaw? And what is Veled doing to her?

  2. Marcus_physics

    I love the expressions in the first panel! Nothing says that Jig will have it coming like that ‘so anyways now that I have ruined your day’ look that triggered Veled’s ‘I can’t stand it look, screw being civilized and cordial, this is just too much’ look. All in all I love your expression work: it really makes your comics enjoyable to read, since so much can be read between the lines. Keep up the great work!

  3. Zc456

    This is getting good. I love the Twilight preference.

  4. Parou

    Well now, Veled…. that’s definitely a different version of ‘smiting’ the annoyance!
    Forget pain and all that jazz…. just bring out the inner ‘monster’ that Jig does not want to own up to, and make her face it head-on! That’s harsh, my friend, harsh……. unsure if it is evil and harsh….. but definitely a less than salubrious experience for poor Jigsaw!

  5. Janus

    Aaaand here we go.

  6. LBD

    Toneing… Man, I love toneing. I just wish there was a way to spell it that didn’t look wrong

  7. Lycanthrope

    The runes behind Veled’s last speech bubble show she is channeling some celest spell, probably inciting Jigs to change on a sub-conscious level, just to prove a point. Veled is obviously more interested in getting the sire and killing them than in Jig’s personal well-being at this point.

  8. Maverick


    I love the expresions as well 😀

  9. String Petoun Ping

    @Lycanthrope: Veled never seemed to me as a person interested to show compassion. Remember Belle, the soldier that Veled almost killed? I doubt that she hesitate to shatter Jigsaw’s mind if it allowed her to know miss Tone sire.

  10. hariman

    We’ve seen this before, only last time it failed:


    Veled just forced Jigsaw to go completely drop her “still living” disguise. Up until now, every time that Jigsaw used her vampire abilities, she been too distracted to look at herself. It’s a rough wake up call, but probably one that Jigsaw needs.

  11. Abeo

    If you look at White Noise’s character page, he is virtually immune to celest abilities. Daisy has pretty high resistance too, which may be why Veled tortured an audio confession out of her instead of merely coercing her.

  12. EvilSupahFly

    Wow… That’s a bit of a mind-frak now, isn’t it! Kinda freaky … yet … trippy too… 🙂

  13. taltamir

    ROFLMAO! “I don’t even sparkle!”
    This comic is just epic.

  14. Xavier Price

    Saw is a badass in hiding and she doesn’t even know it. Well, I’m sure she knows it instinctively, but doesn’t understand it. Knowing something and understanding something are two very different things, after all.

  15. FlashXX

    Holy!o0; That’s deep Lycanthrope!
    😛 lol On how Jig seems like she still doesn’t get it!

  16. Vulpis

    I notice that among Jig’s vampire abilities is what TV Tropes terms ‘The Most Common Superpower’…

  17. Ian

    You know, this comic is just one LOLfest! Every comic usually makes me (I love reading this comic aloud or in my head, so this is what usually happens when I do that) awesomeface, or facepalm. It’s just so fitting XD Pure humor, and this little story arc, is my favorite, especially with the twighlight and vampire lore references XD

  18. Morgaine

    My thoughts:

    1. “Monster”? Look who’s talking. Just as bad as when Arikos the murderous cult leader says she’s “evil” while she’s on the floor trying desperately to block out everyone’s thoughts. His must have been particularly nasty.

    2. This whole scene is 100 times more powerful than “This is the skin of a killer, Bella.” And Jigsaw’s “this is my last resort” monologue at the end beats out any line in the whole movie.

  19. Feral

    I don’t even sparkle… LOL!

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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