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They Also Whine Less.

They Also Whine Less.

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16 Comments So Far...

  1. Draconess

    And the plot thickens…

  2. Noxkitsune

    Hehe… wow… I really like that line from Cypress at the end.

  3. nrocha20

    Can’t….. stop…… laughing…..

  4. String Petoun Ping

    Jigsaw learns lot of funny things about reality show lately. It’s seem to be a lot of things she didn’t want to know but this make it funny. Anyway, I hope that the things in the bag are jewels because if this is her underwear she will feel like a overpriced escort.

  5. Brunhidden

    heck, they should be happy to see jiggy wearing what she is now, she can work sweats just fine…. and the things in the baggy confuse and scare me

  6. Parou

    Cypress has nailed the difference between hookers and celebrities so well…… hmmm…. I’ll stop there, too many things come to mind that I should not write here!

    more later when my brain stops hurting……

  7. jonathansfox

    This has become one of my favorite webcomics.

  8. EvilSupahFly

    “Hookers are cheaper” – That’s a line that will live on for all time and memorialise this webcomic in the annals of history!

    Nicely done, BTW. :)

  9. EvilSupahFly

    I’m wondering who this “Special Guest” is now… Could they be somebody Jigsaw knows, or is possibly even related to?

  10. Antonious

    Love the comic. The comment on hookers VS Celebrities is so true. The obvious difference being what it costs to get each to pay attention to you.

  11. Xavier Price

    Oh, this should be interesting. I’ve the feeling that this guest is someone we’ve seen before, too. I just hope it isn’t one of her family or something. Then again, Cypress was saying that a guest ‘reserved’ some- but was cut off. Reserved what? Time alone? Like what they did with Gladiators?

  12. Pseudo

    I have always wondered how Jigsaw’s stripe pattern works around her body.

  13. Baigs

    Well if you look at the exclusive wallpaper where she’s wearing that “outfit” she doesn’t have any stripes on her stomach.

  14. Redlion

    Hookers are cheaper. I like that line.

  15. FlashXX

    I don’t know…the thing might be too good for her.:/
    Pride: HA! Shows what you know!
    How the heck did YOU get here?!

  16. Jake

    Poor Jigsaw, I hope she gets out ahead as the story progresses, because otherwise she’s in deep crap…….

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