Think Fast!

Think Fast!

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  1. Draconess

    Didn’t see that coming…

  2. MadMann135

    I like this.

  3. ChaosMageX


  4. Zephyrion

    I love everyone’s reactions

  5. Janus

    I’m having flashbacks to other media. Heehee.

  6. Firehawk010

    welcome to awkwardsvill population: eveyone in that room XD

  7. Kalatash

    Bow chicka wow wow.

    I also like how much Jason seems to be enjoying the show.

  8. Brunhidden

    Jason has the perfect ‘this, i can fap to this’ look

  9. helios

    Jason? what about Slick?? look in bottom corner.

  10. Parou

    Adhira is one very expressive individual…… Offence (violent beating of Geisha) and appreciation (this scene) tend to have very strong expressiveness. Jigsaw’s mindreading did not see this coming….

    Poor Slick looks like he’s about to freakout… Silk seems a bit stunned as well…. as for Jason…. well what did anyone expect, eh?

  11. alex Urssa

    slick looks like he could fall over nd die at any second from shock

  12. Ken_Cypher

    Um, how much do we know about HRH’s species? I can think of at least one dual-equiped feline taur species on the internet. I forget the name, but it starts with a “c”. I’m starting to wonder if “she” is from the local equivalent.

  13. Xavier Price

    considering I don’t think Jig draws smut, We’ll likely never see if ‘she’ is dual-equipped or not, but for some reason I doubt it. I think she’s just a very expressive and emotionally open person. In Russia (and many Slavic countries) a man kissing a man is not offensive or thought of as a homosexual event. At least, that’s the way it used to be, who knows these days. (Mind you, I did no research to back this up before posting, so I could be wrong)

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    Ken: Addy is merely a ‘taur girl with an ample chest and a dictionary missing the definition for “subtle”.

    The similarities between Addy’s folk and any other copyrighted tauric species end there. :-p

  15. pilli10

    (insert awesome face here)

  16. Janus

    Still thinking that Jig needs to counterbalance this with more weapons-grade prettyboy in the future. *cough*

  17. Noxkitsune

    I’ll assume cultural differences are to blame… still, if that was caught on camera, the ratings probably went up another 5 points.

  18. Tom Redlion

    Talk about a bolt out of the clear blue empty.
    Not often you see anybody as expressive as Adharia.
    @Ken Cypher: You’re looking for a Chakat.

  19. Nifar

    Jig/Addy OTP?

    Nah. I’m an Addy/Slick fan m’self.

  20. EvilSupahFly




    Sure as hell didn’t see that coming! I wish some of the girls I knew were that … affectionate… !

  21. Lycanthrope

    Slick is dyng: He wanted to get there first.

    WN is at a complete loss for reality.

    Jason is having flashbacks to his video collection.

    Silk is thinking about whether she likes this or not.

    Jigsaw has lost the ability to think.

  22. Baigs

    Culture Shock for sure. Can’t wait for teh after reactions 🙂

  23. Maverick

    I’ve only recently found/started reading this comic.

    Can’t wait for next update 😀

  24. Xavier Price

    Looking back at this, I still absolutely love Jason and Slick’s reactions to this.

  25. FlashXX

    o0; Yep (to the I did not see that coming)! Yes (to the Jason comment’s’)! And Yep! (To Ken’s comment/exclamation!)

  26. Cosmic Shrooms

    well, that was random…

    I love Jason’s face…

  27. shadeus maximus


  28. Metaldog007

    I dodge not expect to see that;)

  29. Metaldog007

    I did not expect to see that!

  30. Feral

    Alicí appears jealous

  31. Feral

    *Slick, fawg.autocorrection

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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