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Everyone Loves To Pluck a Daisy.

Everyone Loves To Pluck a Daisy.

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11 Comments So Far...

  1. ChaosMageX

    I wonder what’s got Cypress’s panties in bunch? I mean, it’s not like Daisy would use her teleportation ability to escape, right? >:]

  2. Parou

    Yup, our somewhat ticked off host is having a somewhat ‘gripping’ discussion with Daisy………Mind you…. with that hairstyle I am having great difficulty taking her seriously…… even with violence attached!

    Nice decoy thought there Ms Forte…….. All TV hosts live and die by ratings!

  3. String Petoun Ping

    Cypress is the dumber of the four. She really expected that a couple of criminal and mercenaries will tell her about their trump cards. It’s a edge that they want keep at all cost.They will use all grey zone of the law to stay in the game with all the unfair advantage they grab.

  4. EvilSupahFly

    When your life and death is on the line, there’s no such thing as “unfair advantage.” You do whatever it takes to survive.

  5. Xavier Price

    Hit ‘em where it hurts! THE VIEWERS! Which is essentially their pocket book/wallet. Viewers = money, in a very over-simplified way.

  6. Lycanthrope

    The original subtitle of this strip was after all: “A show about high stakes – and even higher ratings!”

  7. Lycanthrope

    P.S. The way Cypress said “…’handle’ her” was just…nothing. I said nothing….

  8. Jigsaw Forte

    @Lycanthrope: Actually, Vince was the one who said that. Cypress has her hands full as is (no pun intended).

    Apologies for the ambiguous lizard hands. ;)

  9. WolfWings

    Don’t forget, Daisy didn’t even know if she really could still teleport:

  10. Tom Redlion

    And here we have a Jedi Mind Trick, courtesey of Jigsaw.

  11. LeQuack147

    Not sure why Jigsaw thinks Addy needs the help. She did win the strength division, after all. If anything, Vince is about to get punted across the room.

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