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What A Mess.

What A Mess.

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8 Comments So Far...

  1. Parou

    Ooooo…… That has gotta hurt!!!

    Binary’s night just keeps getting even worse……… though what White may be going to do is a worry…….

  2. hariman

    I wonder who’s got the drop on Binary. Judging by the hand, my guess is White Noise.

  3. Ix

    Looks like it, Hariman. The whole “died on camera” bit does explain why Binary is having to kill her team-mate (ex-team-mate?) – they can’t exactly fudge their way out of saying that she’s *not* a zombie (or some other type of Dead Inside), if she quite clearly died on-screen.

  4. Xavier Price

    This is just not Binary’s day, is it? And it started out so well, too.

  5. Janus

    Wet sound effect of fleshy matter being cleaved go!

    And for some reason I’m really amused by Slick’s fleeing tail on the left there. “YIPE!” indeed.

  6. Lycanthrope

    Binary is about to be served a slice of “Life is Not Fair”. Then again, if WN shoots her what excuse is he going to give Slick after razzing HIM about killing a Scout on camera.

    Then again, this show is called what?

  7. Xavier Price

    Good point, but it was Spades who bitched out Slick for killing Ms. Snakehead. Still, a potential hostage situation?

  8. SinnieCaldwell

    I thought that was Jigsaw at first, ’cause the first time we see Jigsaw going berserk on robots she gets all gray like that. O.O

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