Looks Like She Broke.

Looks Like She Broke.

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18 Comments So Far...

  1. hariman

    Well, that’s one way around the Chunky Salsa Rule!

    I guess we can mark “having an efreet emerge from your head and take your brains out as it exits” as a soul shattering experience.

  2. Brunhidden

    bad touch! BAD TOUCH!

  3. Parou

    Yup, I’d say that be a safe bet, hariman!

    This is even looking worse for Slick and the crew than I thought it would get. The fool has now armed an angry undead with and efreet gun! Hopefully our Princess can make sure Sedja does not remove just any brain that it’s pointed at.

  4. Parou

    Mind you, the ratings would be through the roof after this episode!

  5. JK-TGRS

    One of my favorite pages. A really fun layout and I love the expression in the last panel. Keep ‘m coming. Also I enjoyed listening to your most recent pod cast interview.

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    @Parou: This is an ordinary Genopra gun, not the super-special Efreet-shooting one. Addy got a hold of it after Slick was done, and Slick was left with an ordinary, but still sufficiently deadly, pistol.

    … which is now in that Zombie Scout’s hands.

    … Uh oh.

  7. EvilSupahFly

    Oh crap… Is that normal for her species to return from the Apparent Dead?

  8. Janus

    I must have missed the whole multi-limbed thing. Certainly not a comfortable situation for Slick there.

    And if I’m seeing the bottom panel right, Jig’s about to get a tentacle squeeze herself cause she’s not paying attention! o:

  9. hariman

    I think Jigsaw is already getting a tentacle squeeze, as panel two has her being asked if she’s out of breath yet.

    It’s probably a good thing for her that vampires apparently don’t need to breathe. And by “probably”, I mean definitely.

    BTW: Awesome zombie design. It’s cool to finally see zombies with brains. Unless Sally’s not a zombie, then it’s a cool (undead type here) design.

  10. Lycanthrope

    “Tentacle Sexy”??? What type of magazines do you read Jigsaw?

    Wonder if we will get to see someone go Dead Inside this episode, or will that be saved for a later emergency not involving Slick’s life.

  11. Janus

    Hariman: And while she may already be getting a tentacle squeeze, not looking at her target means the tentacles might go for a more efficient area. Like the neck.

  12. Whitefox

    but wouldn’t that also place the tentacles in vampire bite zone as well?

  13. Xavier

    I love the two sitting on the frame commenting.

    “What is this fourth wall of which you speak?”

  14. LBD

    Thing 1, to those talking about the tentical squeeze. Jigsaw does not need to breathe. This is established. Not breathing is uncomfortable. This is also established

    Thing 2. It’s fairly obvious that zombie has been a zombie for a LONNNNG time. Look at all the damage done to her face.

  15. hariman

    Maybe. I’m pretty sure that zombies can’t hide their “dead eyes”, so the eyes on Kuvaela’s snake hair should have given her dead inside status away long ago. Her snake hair didn’t have the dead eyes until AFTER she lost her brains to Sedja’s emergence from her skull.

    And yes, I think that the snake hair getting dead eyes as part of the living to zombie transformation is cool.

  16. LBD

    That’s an interesting point Hariman. But what about the split chin?

  17. Sydonai

    The only other member of that species thet we have seen is Geisha, who also wears a mask, we don’t know what they loo like, and beyond that snakes have a split lower jawbone, so this isn’t impossible.

  18. FlashXX

    o0; I’m ipressed…HE’S NOT WETTING HIMSELF!!

    😐 I’d be pretty much be worry about her fooling with my bulge…had she not said my brains where about to be blow-out!

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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