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It’s Ironic how Forcing Irony on a Situation Always Works.

It’s Ironic how Forcing Irony on a Situation Always Works.

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  1. Le Blue Dude

    The real irony is that in wearing the crazy mask she’s actualy doing something crazy

  2. Noxkitsune

    I’d say it’s also Ironic that these scout characters, which so far seem to be about bringing justice, have only critically injured one contestant, and she’s probably the only one that they have no reason to actually consider evil.

  3. Shrikefox

    I’m starting to think Jason is a wee bit obsessed. I mean, when your need for revenge takes precedent over your survival instincts you have a problem. After all shooting one of the only three people with any reasonable amount mobility is counter productive at this point.

    Umm… Why did Adharia’s little mystery sphere suddenly “pop” into Slick’s hand?

  4. Jigsaw Forte

    @Shrikefox: In Jason’s defense, he IS still thinking “Give Daisy up to the scouts (before they kill anyone else)”.

    The concept of what to do after that is a bit clouded though.

  5. XZeddX

    This..Does not look it’s going well, Team or not..

  6. EvilSupahFly

    In the close up in the second last panel, it looks like the bottom two mini-snakes are doing an Evil Willow: “Bored Now.” Tell me I’m not the only one who saw that…

  7. Tom Redlion

    @ ESF: No. Mee too.

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