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a vampire on a reality show.
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Ask A Stupid Question…

Ask A Stupid Question…

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10 Comments So Far...

  1. EvilSupahFly

    “…not as insane as I thought…” – why does that worry me?

  2. Brunhidden

    because of her happy face

  3. Lycanthrope

    How insane does she think she is?

    And how does what she thinks correspond to what we all think?

    I nominate Jigsaw for a wallpaper.

  4. LBD

    Well it’s pretty obvious what she means is ‘thank god I didn’t screw that up’

  5. LBD

    Also. I wanna see Jigsaw in sequins nao

  6. Jigsaw Forte

    @LBD: While there is at least one Jigsaw wallpaper in the works, she’s not in sequins… yet. ;)

  7. Anonomous

    Neither is she in a bikini, a top hat, handcuffs, maternity wear, a bunny suit, a straight jacket, a bodice, or a baby doll. Yet. The possibilities are endless.

  8. Dairy Pirate

    what did she just do? I love the comic, but a few parts confuse me

  9. Jigsaw Forte

    @Dairy Pirate: She teleported.

    Just enough to piss everyone off, unfortunately, but teleported nontheless.

  10. Keiya

    … Daisy, marry me.

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